The Wild Garden

A Dublin dining experience.

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Cigarettes & Alcohol

We were never going to make a difference. I wasn’t going to be someone who somebody else would look to emulate. Quite simply; there are great minds out there that look at the convolution and see clarity. You could sit them next to me and make us both read a book, say, The Art of […]

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Peanut Butter Porridge

  There are moments when I stop and think about the mornings. Looking back, that was probably my favourite time of day. She’d come into the kitchen, eyes tired but brain wired — excited for what lay ahead.   She’d kiss the back of my neck while I prepared our breakfast: Peanut Butter Porridge   She’d […]

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  It comes on slowly, gently at first. Afters years and years, after fears And arrears and tears.   It comes on slowly. And on a day like any other, The wind arrives.   And the kite is airborne.

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The Closest We’ve Been

  We were, the two of us, parked on a rock each, looking out at Galway Bay on a mild August night. Drunk and merry, drunk and pensive, but in those few hours happy. Strolled along, or staggered, after winning a score on the slots (or was it fifty?) and our girlfriends were left behind […]

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